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The authentic Tuscan

I Borrigiani is a farm made up of 3 colonic houses that in the olden times used to belong to the peasants of the area. It is situated within the Il Borro estate, in Tuscany, province of Arezzo. Which is well known for its medieval village and for its agricultural and winegrowing activities.

The history and tradition of the estate I Borrigiani is possibly of Etruscan decent. The area was then considered strategic to the Romans that used it as a lookout point for the roman road Cassia.

The first historical findings date back to 1254 when the castle, that in those days belonged to the Mascagni family, was bought by an aristocratic Milanese man the marquees Borro Borri. In 1512 his descendant Girolamo del Borro was at the time a famous philosopher and scientist who had a deep love for oriental culture. But its with his son Alessandro that the Il Borro takes its definitive shape. Alessandro dal Borro was an influential Tuscan political figure and is the real “patriarch” of Il Borro.
Some of the most important aristocratic European families during this period resided at il Borro making it their country estate: the Medici Tornaquinci of Florence, The Torrigiani of Milan, the Hohenlohe Waldemburg and at last in 1904 The Savoy family.
Nowadays i Borrigiani is back to its new splendor representing a unique experience.

Your stay in one of the colonic houses in Tuscany in I Borrigiani means living a different holiday experience in the peaceful countryside surrounded by open air activities and sport. Your holiday will be an unforgettable experience of authentic living with which you will learn to discover the secrets of this millennium culture, exploring the real flavors of the Tuscan cuisine in a relaxed and natural environment.